What will I learn?

A limiting belief is a thought that you believe to be true, and/or restricts your perception.

You know a limiting belief is active when you experience negative emotion like sadness, anger or frustration. Even the slightest form of discomfort physically, is letting you know that you have a limiting belief that has been triggered within you.


Often times we create strategies to keep oneself from feeling the negative emotion attached to a limiting belief and draw you out of your natural state of alignment. These strategies are often developed in childhood without us realizing it.


By becoming aware of the limiting belief, the negative emotion or the strategy, and by recognizing the connections between them, you can begin to transform the automatic, habitual reactions that no longer serve you. Once the pattern is interrupted and you draw yourself back into alignment, you’ll be able to perceive experiences clearly and take life affirming, aligned action.

At this conference you'll learn to,..

  • Recognize and break out of what is keeping you on autopilot, or living a life that is dull and predictable.

  • Tune in and tap into your natural state of greatness so you are open to new ideas, experiences and opportunities.

  • Reconnect with your inner joy and learn how to stay there

  • Learn how you can live predominantly from your natural state of peace and calm and say goodbye to anger, frustration, sadness

  • Participate in hands on, exploratory activities that are individually focussed

  • Learn how to transform stress and use it as a roadmap for clarity.

  • Learn about awareness and how it brings choice to your experiences.

  • Learn how to respond from a state of peace and calm, regardless of circumstances

  • Emerge yourself in self-discovery, self-reflection, and contemplation.

  • Explore what skills, gifts, qualities, and areas of personal growth are waiting to evolve within you

  • Participate in small and large group discussions

  • Learn how loving yourself completely comes from disengaging from the mind’s projection of lack

  • Practice using the senses to recognize limiting beliefs

  • Observe and identify shifts in awareness.

  • Observe and identify, emotional, mental, and physical signs and sensations when awareness shifts within you.

  • Understand how shifts in awareness determine your experience.

  • Understand how you determine how you feel, think act and respond.

  • Use empowering positive words, vocal tone, repetition, and enthusiasm to draw awareness inward

  • Learn to choose how you think, feel, act and respond.

  • Practice moving awareness inward and shifting attention.

  • Practice identifying and bringing conscious awareness to negative perceptions or limiting beliefs within you that operate unconsciously.

  • Learn how to question and transform limiting beliefs.

  • Identify how shifts in awareness dictate reactions and responses.

  • Learn to empower your positive beliefs or perceptions.

  • Recognize how attachment to thoughts draws you away from your natural state of greatness, peace and calm.

  • Recognize the mind’s illusion of lack and how it surfaces in multiple areas of your life if left unchecked

  • Recognize and build powerful vocabulary in alignment with your greatness

  • Recognize the motivation behind your behaviour, thoughts and actions

  • Meditate

  • Practice Yoga

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